We have everything in-house ! Keeping our exhibition stand, tent rental and furniture rental services in-house allow us to have a wide range of expertise at our fingertips. Events are a time critical business, and by having a group of more than 500 in-house experts that trust, respect each other and are used to working together, we can ensure that our clients benefit from a completely integrated service that will be delivered on time.

But it’s not just about the people. Our facilities and equipment play an essential role. Our 15,000m² premises are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and European equipment. We can create just about anything in any shape or size, from near seamless wooden jointing to precision-cut steel struts. Our automated paint spraying machines, high-quality print capability, bespoke furniture and decor service elevate the plain to the sublime. We also have a dedicated logistics department with a fleet of vehicles that allows us to operate from Dubai and Abu Dhabi right across the Middle East, and offer a peerless choice of diverse tent and marquee rental solutions.



Stands & Exhibitions Management

Electra Events & Exhibitions provide a customised approach to corporate stand contracting. We specialise in exhibition stands and work directly with exhibitors to provide a complete design, prototype and building service. We also provide global exhibition management services, including exhibition scenography and contracting, complete technical venue coordination, mounting and dismantling, as well as exhibitor relationship management.

Event Contracting

Whatever the occasion – be it product launch, fashion show, corporate road show, concert, sporting occasion, wedding, Ramadan or gala dinner – Electra Events & Exhibitions will ensure it is professionally planned and produced to the highest standards. Our dedicated project managers deliver a memorable event for your customers and guests, and a stress-free experience for you.

Decor, Tent & Furniture Rental

As a global contracting solutions provider, Electra Events & Exhibitions offers a comprehensive tent, furniture and decor rental service. We have a large choice of tent and marquee rental solutions with a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. We also provide a full decor and furniture rental service for exhibition stands and events, comprising off-the-shelf and custom-made upholstery solutions.

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